B2B opportunity

When cooperating with me, you will often receive exceptional opportunities, i.e. not only be able to pay for the services provided by cash, but as well by an exchange providing your own services.
Are you a lawyer, a dentist, a mechanic, a tattoo artist or other service provider? I actively support “service for service” or B2B model-based partnerships! While working on the basis of barter partnership, both parties win – we provide each other with mutually beneficial services at a proportional cost.
Example: you are a landlord of a homestead business and you need a website. You receive your X value website and me and my friends receive X value homestead rental time. We therefore both receive both services at a prime cost!

Business Handshake

Open for projects

Do you have a new, but endlessly motivated and serious ambitious having project? Maybe yet only have an idea of one? You do not have a professional website necessary for the implementation of your plans as right now you need to invest in other things? Perhaps you’re just looking for a new team member?
For the opportunity to become your partner, I will not only create and maintain a great looking website, but also fully contribute to the overall development of the project!
Example: you are a team that wants to open an e-shop. A professional and high-quality e-shop requires not only a sizeable investment, but also constant maintenance, renewal and improvement. By becoming a partner, I will be fully interested in increasing the turnover, quality and growth of our joint project!

Good will work

I wholeheartedly believe that non-material things bring us great and true happiness. Moreover, I am convinced that happiness is only real when shared.
I greatly respect and support people doing good deeds and helping those who really need their help. At my discretion, I provide free website design services for non-profit organizations and people who are trying to make world a better place.
Are you a pet care house, an aid fund or a charity for sick people?
Are you helping others with no personal profit and you require a website in order to carry out your activities? No problem! Contact me and I will develop one for you for free!
Global Website Design
Take advantage of my flexible and individualized approach towards you.
All my works receive a one-year guarantee, and customers get an excellent discount for further cooperation!