The main purpose of the luckyoleg.com project is website design services under the most flexible conditions. Do you have a website, but it looks old / loads slowly / is not mobile-friendly? Let’s rebuild it and take full advantage of its benefits! And if you want someone to constantly update it independently and qualitatively – take advantage of my website administration services!

I’m not a website-factory-company, but a person with a passion for information technology, innovation and the creation of useful, beautiful things. I have a very individual approach to every person, project and situation. Your excellent testimonials and recommendations are the key to the success of my project. As well as unforgettable motivation for improvement and constant growth!
I feel great passion for my activities and I’m working hard to make it. In principle, I never say “maybe this will go unnoticed” or “well, it works”. I will rather carry out my work with exceptional quality. My goal is long-term cooperation, excellent relationships and only the best results. From a creative aspect, I am a perfectionist, and when choosing me, you get this my full focus for your project.
The thing you will definitely notice is my flexibility. Forget about stuff like: “the website will be ready at the end of next month”. Forget about robotic manager’s replies ​​and answers that you have to wait for until Monday!
I offer fast and effective communication, excellent terms and fair prices. In addition, if you have weaker technical knowledge – it is not an obstacle. When working with me, you can always count on useful tips, suggestions and, most importantly, a friendly attitude!
I consider myself LUCKY, that is, a person who attracts happiness and a success for people. Being absolutely grateful to people who contribute and help me achieve my dreams, I am prepared to share this good Karma with them all! All my clients get a gift – a small, but great luck and a positivity attracting logo-talisman.